“Yvonne Constant: Valentine Love Songs”
Don’t Tell Mama on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.

Accompanying the beautiful, divine, and effervescent singer will be the hugely gifted musical director / pianist Russ Kassoff. Both Ms. Constant and Mr. Kassoff just finished a successful run at Don’t Tell Mama with their acclaimed tribute to the late French composer-singer Charles Aznavour.

“With her expressive enchanting singing, engaging playful presence, upswept flowing blonde hair and clad in a slinky glittering black sequined dress, Ms. Constant is a vision of star quality.” – Darryl Reilly, TheaterScene.Net

“Cabaret has never suffered a dearth of French female singers. In the 1970s and 80s and well into the 90s, Jeanne Beauvais, Baronne, and Greta were among the very masters/mistresses of the art form. Yvonne Constant is a burst of fresh air. She is as breathtaking as a freshly-baked croissant. Aided ably by musical director Russ Kassoff at the piano, Yvonne Constant is simply ‘magnifique’.” – BroadwayWorld.com

“Yvonne Constant, the French chanteuse, is a walking example of understated chic. She’s slender—a remnant of her ballet career—and soignée but warm and funny, too. Her Musical Director/accompanist Russ Kassoff often joins in the singing and adds a dry wit to Ms. Constant’s gaiety. Watching Yvonne Constant in action is to witness a woman in love with her craft and her audience and a singer in the long line of French artists such as Chevalier and Piaf. Mostly, she creates a little bit of quiet, civilized elegance, something in short supply nowadays.” – Joel Benjamin, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“Constant is in fine, flip form, authentically French from the top of her head to the tips of her dancing toes.Singing, chatting with the audience and with her talented, supportive musical director Russ Kassoff, she presents a rich mixture of international numbers… Vive La France. And Vive La Constant.” – Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Constant performs in take-no-prisoners mode, incapable of sentimentality, show-bizzy glitter, and spurious uplift. She lays it on the line with tart honesty, communicating in that universal language known as the Gallic shrug, of which she employs infinite shadings. Constant reclaims the word “sophistication” as a term of admiration… The lady has been at her trade for more than half a century, yet the former ballet dancer and Tony-winning performer still looks sexy and smashing… she receives excellent support from her superb musical director, pianist Russ Kassoff…A confident and compelling artist.” – Erik Haagensen, Backstage

So, do yourself a favor and keep the love and spirit of Valentine’s Day going by attending Yvonne’s show!

“Yvonne Constant: Valentine Love Songs” featuring musical director / pianist Russ Kassoff on Friday, February 15, 2019 at Don’t Tell Mama (343 West 46th Street – between 8th & 9th Avenue) in Manhattan. The Music /Cover Charge is $20.00 with a two-drink minimum. DON’T MISS IT!!