Alive at 85!
Don’t Tell Mama
April 13th @ 7:00 pm

Full Disclosure: I went to see this show as someone who has known of Vickie Phillips’ work for years and to celebrate her landmark Birthday with her, not to review. However, after seeing the show, I do feel a few words are warranted.

What can one say about the formidable Ms. Vickie Phillips at 85 years YOUNG? This was a show called, “Alive at 85” and was a celebration of her upcoming 85th Birthday (April 24th) and the birthday of her long-time Musical Director, Gerry Dieffenbach’s “landmark” Birthday also on April 24th! Congratulation to you both and congratulations on this show!

To say that Ms. Phillips is a complete delight on and off stage would be to understate her energy. She is a force to be reckoned with and, if you were not told her age, you’d never guess she was even in her 80’s! She, like Marilyn Maye and Julie Wilson, is a great example to us all to just keep doing what we love to do and it will keep us young and ALIVE!

The “alive” aspect of this show is not just a joke or a reference to Ms. Phillips’ age. She is someone who has recovered from a stroke so, to anyone who knows her or knows of her, her being back on stage was very emotional to watch.

Then, with great songs, beautifully delivered by a pro both funny and poignant, we were entertained and humbled by her energy alone! If that wasn’t enough, she’s doing it all on high heels complete with a bit of soft shoe here and there throughout the show!

She did not provide me with a song list (again, I was not there to review) but her songs ranged in stories about: Feeling Young; Feeling Good; Show Biz; her favorite songs, one of which was the show stopper, “Fernando” (Abba) in a duet with Dieffenbach; then on to her love of old movies; to the love of her life (very moving moment); to the “hot mama” moment to all of us believing in each other and then to her thanks and gratitude and closing duet with Dieffenbach celebrating their long collaboration and mutual Birthdays! Mr. Dieffenbach has always been a wonderful addition to any show and he’s a great Musical Director, but there is something very special about his collaboration with Ms. Phillips.

It was not only a celebration of music…it was a celebration of life, of joy, of good health and of friendship! I was so glad to be in that room.

Here is her flier for her show in June: