UBC TV Presents JUNK
Pride Movie Night
Thursday, June 24 @ 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm PT
Sign in:  8:30 pm East / 5:30 pm West
Starring:  Tym Moss & Robbie Wayne
Written and Directed by Michael Penny

Watch from the comfort of your home and with friends far away.   People across the country can tune in and we’ll all watch a movie together. JUNK is a full feature, LGBT, Musical!!

Included for 48 hours:
1.  Pre show including behind the scenes stories
2.  The full length movie
3.  Post film Question & Answer with the Cast and Crew
$10 plus service fee
JUNK is about an older gay man and a younger gay man who go in to clean out the house of a recently deceased man out in the countryside of N Carolina.  The place is covered in gay Porn…… and JUNK.  They piece the dead man’s life together through his possessions.
The generational gap rears its head and they argue, clean, and, of course, have to break into song regularly throughout the day.

Its funny, its charming, its moving.

JUNK is a unique and unexpected cinematic experience.  Unlike anything you’ll see today. Tell your friends around the country to tune in.