Thursday, June 28 @ 7:00 pm
David LaMarr and Darnell White LIVE @ DTM…/6172-david-lamarr-darnell…

Darnell White and David LaMarr debuted their duo-show FULLY VACCINATED over the weekend, with results not often seen at a brand-new cabaret show. Opening night, The Original Room at Don’t Tell Mama was sold to a crowd of thirty-ish people. The following night their numbers doubled and the room was at capacity, packing over sixty enthusiastic patrons into the club for LaMarr’s first time out in a show all his own… except it wasn’t a show all his own: for his ambition with his debut act was to be onstage with his beloved, showcasing said beloved’s songwriting.

Mission accomplished.

After two consecutive nights of bowing to screaming standing ovations, Misters LaMarr and White have decided to extend their concert of original Darnell White compositions to include one more performance. Thursday, June 24th, at 7 pm, FULLY VACCINATED will play Don’t Tell Mama for what is being called a “One Night Only” performance, and, if you are reading this sentence right now and you are smart, you will go to this link and reserve your seats right now.
While there is a chance that David and Darnell might perform this incredibly special show again in the future, do not run the risk of this being the last time the show will play, do not take the chance and end up missing this show. Speaking personally, this writer has already reserved seats for the family, who I will send without me, so that I do not take up a seat that should go to someone who has not seen the show. I have reached out to my friend who writes for The New Yorker, vociferously advising him to get his own reservation, and I’m even considering emailing Sherry Eaker at The Bistro Awards and KT Sullivan at The Mabel Mercer Foundation to urge them to get tickets for everyone on their respective committees. David LaMarr and Darnell White FULLY VACCINATED is a game changer, and anyone needing more evidence than just a recommendation can read my review of the show here:
A staff of four Don’t Tell Mama team members did an admirable job of handling the demands of a full house on Saturday night, and their efforts should not go unacknowledged, but future audiences of the show would be advised to arrive early, get their orders in, and enjoy the company of their dates until the show begins. On June 24th, do not believe that your seat will be available for you when you choose to arrive one minute before the show starts: there will be a crowd and a waitlist, count on it.FULLY VACCINATED is the show to see this summer.
David LaMarr and Darnell White FULLY VACCINATED will play Don’t Tell Mama at 7 pm on June 24th. For information and tickets visit the Don’t Tell Mama website HERE:…/David-LaMarr-and…❤