Downtown Arts Community join together in
(Cause it ‘Taint Christmas and it ‘Taint New Year’s)

On-Demand tickets for “’Taint” are $20.00 and can be purchased at:

Pangea, which has remained open for business despite a number of serious setbacks including the shut-off of its gas due to a report of a leak that proved unfounded, is doing everything it can to remain open.  Now, with the City demanding 2020 code upgrades that are beyond its reach financially, Pangea, which has helped countless artists freely develop work in a safe atmosphere of inclusion, experimentation and protest, finds itself in urgent need of life-saving support of its own.

One group that has stepped up is TWEED TheaterWorks, led by Kevin Malony. In short order TWEED rallied a number of prominent alt-cabaret singers and performers to produce a compendium of fresh, heartfelt and hilarious new performances in an Alt-Holiday Benefit for Pangea.

Malony, who has produced extensively at Pangea, in particular its popular “Sundays @ 7” series, tapped the following for what is truly an extraordinary record of both the creative vitality and logistical paralysis of the Downtown performing arts scene.

David Cale, Amber Martin & Brett Every, Charles Busch, Joseph Keckler, Steve Hayes, Carol Lipnik, Rachelle Garniez, Kristine Zbornik, Poor Baby Bree, Flotilla DeBarge, Claywoman, Matthew Dean Marsh & Sylver Wallace, Cleo Berlin, Bergman and Bloustein, Vicki Kristina Barcelona, and David Ilku are all featured in beautifully conceived, produced and shot video tributes to Pangea, all of which capture the value, vitality and iconoclasm of the venue.  Directed by Kevin Malony, the special is edited by Adam Pivirotti.

As the NY Times recently noted, “Over the past few years Pangea has vaulted to the forefront of the alt-cabaret scene!”  The party must go on, but how?