Where would any of us be without our beloved musicians? Please enjoy this week’s Spotlights which are clips of some wonderful Musical Directors and  a few “Sidemen” (& Women)

We all miss you during this Pandemic. Thank you for your talent. Let’s all hope we are all back on stage jammin’ together soon.

Our first post is the wonderful singer-songwriter, Steve Sieck, singing the praise of these musicians in a new song he’s just written called, “Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That”.  Enjoy!

NOTE: I trolled everywhere to try to find clips that I could use of personal performances of others MDs and for all of our “usual suspect” sidemen/women but there is nothing out there! We also thank: Tom Hubbard, Skip Ward, Rick Jensen, Mark Janas, David Silliman, Don Kelly, Steve Doyle, Matt Scharfglass, Daniel Glass, Gary Pace, Ritt Henn, Ian Herman, Kenneth Gartman, Michael McAssey, Jeff Cubeta, Christopher Denny, Paul Greenwood, Mike Renzi, David Budway, Alex Rybeck, Wells Hanley and ALL of the amazing players we get to work with here in New York!