The amazing Terri White presented a heartfelt, intimate, and very personal show, Dec. 27-31 at The Little Room Jazz Club in Key West.  It was sponsored by The Fringe Theater, KW.

Terri shared her life journey on the Broadway Stage….weaving perfectly chosen songs around all her stories.  She related the events in her life right from the start, when she performed as a child, tap dancing on stage with her father. Accompanied by Megan Clay on the piano, she made you laugh and she brought you to tears as her stories related her roller coaster career….when things were great and  she appeared in shows like ‘Barnum’ (won an Obie award)….’Ain’t Misbehavin’…. ‘Nunsense’, etc.  She talked about how after these shows, she ended up performing at Rose’s Turn piano bar in NYC….and when that club closed, she ended up down on her luck, sleeping on park benches in NYC.  A phone call from Pat West, who had just opened up the Keys Piano Bar in Key West changed her life again.  She fell in love with Key West, and the audiences, with her.  She also related how she met Donna Barnett, who is now her wife. Content to live in KW forever, this was not to be…as Broadway came calling again… wanting her to star in ‘Finnian’s Rainbow’….. and then, ‘Follies’…. Two marvelous Broadway shows that I personally had the joy of seeing.

From Broadway, Terri and Donna moved to LA, where she did commercial work and TV parts…. But her heart was in Key West, as was Donna’s…and it was only a matter of time before they returned to the Island that brought them together.  Of late, Terri has battled cancer and has had a bone marrow transplant…. And more recently she has become blind, and she related her thoughts and feelings  about all these ups and downs through song and dance.  Yes, she actually performed tap dances on stage and she wowed us and touched our hearts with her enthralling performance!

Terri White is force of nature… a unique and marvelous entertainer….with a voice that will make you rise from your seat and cheer!

All who were blessed to attend her show will long remember sharing Terri’s special and emotional journey with her.


Lynda Frechette