Music on the Inside hosts
Music While We’re Inside
Sundays at Six 

Sit back and enjoy wonderful artists keeping the music alive!

Hosted by “Jazz Woman to the Rescue,” Antoinette Montague and curated by guitarist Richard Miller.

This series represents a collaboration between Music on the Inside (MOTI) and Balanced Guitar (BG) – brought together through their shared belief in community and the powerful role of music, especially now.

MOTI teaches music in the prisons and BG holds retreats combining yoga, surfing and guitar. As MOTI experienced first-hand in the prisons – music brings us together and sets us free, no matter where we are!

Each concert features 10 live Zoom performances by top musicians and their protégés and highlights their online offerings during this time.

Register at:

You will receive a Zoom link on the confirmation of your reservation. The Zoom link opens at 5:30.