Dawn Derow in “MY SHIP: SONGS FROM 1941” CD Launch!

Saturday, JUNE 19th – On the Brewster/North Salem town Line – Ms. Derow will be celebrating “the completion of her album, which took us 15 months to finish due to Covid.

She will have her jazz trio “My Crew” in the backyard, and will give a relaxed concert from 5-6:30 PM. With Ian Herman, Tom Hubbard & Daniel Glass.
For those who are VIP guests – they will stay to enjoy the Reception afterwards & receive a swag bag including a flash drive of the music.
In case you don’t know what “MY SHIP” is:
“Dawn Derow taps into American Songbook treasures written by Johnny Mercer, Ira Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller to conjure the 1941 women’s experience as the US entered WW2.  Whether she was a young bride married to a soldier fighting overseas, a factory worker like “Rosie the Riveter” showing her patriotism, or a house wife raising children on the home front alone.
Go to this link find out more info and RSVP by June 17th. 
Options are “Little Skipper” or “All Aboard” –
Proceeds go towards the musicians and artists who have lost so much during the pandemic.
Rain Date is June 20th – This is an Outdoor Event.
 *this event will also be live streamed by Musae if you can’t attend.
PS: They are moving out of this grand stone manor on July 28th – so this is a great opportunity to come for the day, party with us, celebrate and say Farewell for the summer!