“The only thing better than singin’ is more singin’ ” – Ella Fitzgerald
Come and release your inner Ella!

When if not now? Who if not you?

Dear Musical Friends:

I’m pleased to announce my next series of Master Classes
THE SONG IN YOU AND YOU IN THE SONG – an intimate song study and performance workshop

The session will take place in my apartment
(255 W. 84th St., Apt 12D)

Classes added:
Saturday, March 7th (1:30-5:00)
Sunday, March 8th (1:30 to 5:00)

Arrangements are being handled by Dena Kaufman

I’ll be at the keyboard and shall need in advance the names of two songs you’ll be asked to bring with you and their keys if know. Please also bring two copies of the music and two copies of the lyrics typed in an easy to read font for both of us to work from.
Regarding the song choices, I find it best to limit the selections to those from the American Songbook and the Classic Broadway repertoire.

The songs that you bring can be ones you know well and would like to examine more deeply, songs you’ve always wanted to work on or indeed songs you are working on. Memorization is not required. In any case we shall, as the title suggests, do our best to make sure that the SONG is in YOU and, more importantly, YOU are in the SONG!

The fee is $95 in cash or check made out to Steve Ross to be collected by Dena at the door on the day of. Observers are welcome if there’s room. That fee is $75.

We all know that things can come up so it is requested that at least 24 hours notice be given for cancellations.

The atmosphere will be relaxed and collaborative – I’m eager to make some good music with you!


P.S. Feel free to share this with other interested parties.

“Although I am an experience vocal coach myself, Steve’s close analysis of several standard songs – songs I’ve heard over and over – floored me. He revealed so many details of character and emotion in his note-by-note, word-by-word investigations. His thinking is erudite, his communication, colloquial and clear. I recommend him to any singers who wish to forge a deeper, richer connection to their listeners.” – Andrew Zerman, coach and casting director

Photo Credit: Kevin Alvey