Piano/Bass/Drums Workshop (PBD) & Lyric Phrasing Intensive with Gregory Toroian

These on-going classes are staring the first week in February with 4-6 week sessions on various days and times. Please contact: gregorytoroian@me.com

LIVE classes in Gregory’s midtown studio, starting the first week of February with all Covid precautions taken. Scroll down to read all the precautions being taken.


Most singers jump at the chance to sing with a bass player and drummer–and the PBD Workshop gives you that chance! Whether you’re an experienced performer or new to it, now you can have the experience of hearing and feeling the different musical support when singing with piano and bass and drums. In this open class, bring in songs you have already worked on, songs you know very well, and try them out with a fuller musical accompaniment.  You will also experiment and do these tunes in different styles. You may discover you’re a different singer! The first 2 of the 4 sessions will be with a pianist and a bass player; the last 2 sessions, we will bring in a drummer! Guest musicians come in each week to jam! # of SESSIONS: 4   TUITION: $400 – Starts the first week of February



Gregory is also excited to bring back his “Lyric Phrasing Intensive” class, available either Live or Zoom. Please read all the Covid precautions below for the live classes.

Gregory believes that if somebody is singing lyrics, then the LYRICS are the number one priority. With this approach, other things on the “concerned about” list, suddenly take care of themselves—OR are no longer on the list. Gregory’s approach to phrasing is simple and organic. Essentially, it’s singing as we would speak. It should come from your heart and not your head. It should be YOUR truth. You already know how to do this, but it can get tricky when we start to sing.

• It’s too easy to get caught up in the music, at the unfortunate expense of WHAT we’re saying and how we FEEL about what we’re saying.

• Learn how to simply and organically phrase things the way you would actually say them.
• Learn different ways to color or emphasize a word.
• Learn various common problems that you will often run into, lyrically and musically, and how phrasing can solve them.
Class Preparation: Very little–you’ll bring in songs that you already know. Some class prep/homework. # of SESSIONS: 6  TUITION: $350 SCHEDULE: Starts early February

What participants in this class have said:

Gregory is the kind of teacher, every student who is serious about phrasing and lyric interpretation, needs. No matter how new or experienced a singer you are, he takes you on a journey to a place where you are constantly learning – not only what you came to learn but more than you thought you could ever learn. —Maria Corsaro

Gregory’s Phrasing class has been invaluable to my growth as a singer. The techniques used to “sing it as one says it” have strengthened my connection to the lyric and vastly improved my confidence in singing overall. Watching him work with other students is also inspiring. His feedback inspires such immediate changes it’s as if you’re hearing the lyrics of jazz standards and popular songs for the first time.

—Kati Neiheisel


1) Each class roster will be limited to 4 students. (There’s plenty of room in my studio for everyone to social distance).
2) Everyone but the person singing will keep their mask on.
3) Each singer will have their own individual sponge windscreen to cover the mic while they sing.
4) There will be a plexiglass barrier attached to the mic.
5) We will wipe down the mic, mic stand, and plexiglass barrier between each singer.
6) There will be an exhaust fan in the window.

7) We will take your temperature at entry.


1) Please let Gregory know your availability Monday thru Friday, daytime or nighttime, as soon as possible. Based on your availability,
I will coordinate with the musicians the days and times the classes will be scheduled.
2) Classes will only run 2 hours due to the smaller enrollment. Everybody will still get the same amount of individual time that they always have.

3) Please feel free to email me with any questions at all. See details below.


With some slight modifications, online private sessions allow us to keep working on the same techniques, approach to phrasing and musicality that are so much a part of what we do in the studio. This is also an opportunity to expand your essential ‘standard’ repertoire (great american songbook, etc) as well as exploring more obscure material.

While we aren’t able to play and sing in exactly the same way as we can while in a room together, we’re still able to accomplish many of the same goals that bring you to private coaching in the best of times.

The singers I’ve worked with online so far have been pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish, and I’m happy to offer these sessions at your convenience and schedule. Please let me know if you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to speak to a student who has participated in a private online coaching.