Special 5 Week Piano/Bass/Drums Workshop (PBD)
213 W. 35 St. Rm. 602B (between 7th & 8th)


Session 1 – Wed., June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 from 3:00-5:00 pm
Session 2 – Wed., June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 from 6:00-8:00 pm

Tuition: $520.oo

With regard to your personal singing time, everybody gets 25 minutes, and he keeps time digitally so there is no discrepancy. If there’s a little side discussion, story, whatever, I factor that in and compensate. Just to be clear, it’s about TIME, not how many songs you do. If someone wants to do 1 song their entire time, that’s OK. To RSVP contact: gregorytoroian@me.com


The first 2 sessions will be with bass, last 3 with bass & drums. This class is a great opportunity for you to start to hear other instruments behind you besides just the piano and how they interact with each other, and you, the singer. Feel free to ask questions regarding the various interactions of the 3 instruments, anything about the bass or drums, etc.  There will be different players and this is what these guys do for a living–they’re happy to share their knowledge and experience.

We have also started having “electric bass” nights so you can all have that unique experience. You’ll start to realize differences between the electric bass and the upright-(acoustic), bass.  There will be 1 night designated to be electric bass night. The electric bass presents a nice opportunity to maybe do some more pop, R & B, funk, etc. material. We’ve also started incorporating latin instruments in the sessions with the drums for you to learn about and get some hands on experience.


Please bring in material that you’re already very comfortable with and have memorized so we have the freedom to do some experimenting with the band. It’s absolutely fine, sometimes preferred, to bring in things you’ve done before, even done in this class before. The goal in this workshop is to widen our “horizons”, not our repertoire.

Please bring 4-5 songs every week just so we have a wide variety to choose from and because, sometimes, there are fewer in workshop. Feel free to bring in a variety of styles, though some tunes certainly lend themselves better to experimenting than others do. Try to avoid things that are already “specifically” arranged, certain kinds of show tunes, novelty tunes, someone else’s arrangement-(i.e. Streisand, Tony Bennett, etc.), Easy Piano, etc…..

In advance of first class, please email me a list of 10 “possible” songs you might do in the first few weeks. (That already meet the above criteria).  I’m not going to lock you into anything. I just want to get a drift on where everyone is at to start with and then I might even make some suggestions.


Please bring THREE copies of whatever songs you bring in, (1 for me, 1 for the bass, and 1 for the drummer the last 2 sessions), all taped together, accordion style, as always, and ready to go. Please make sure that you give the band IDENTICAL copies of the music so we are all looking at exactly the same information. This is actually critical. Also, make sure that your copies all come from the sheet of music that you’ve been working from, (with notes, key, etc).


Please remit a deposit of $200-(non-refundable). (Total tuition $400). You can use Venmo or PayPal, give me cash, or send a check. Please let me know which you’ll be using, and I will send you my profile or address. If you have already remitted your deposit, thank you. Please remit the balance by no later than the second class session.


Please let’s make this a “device free” class. If you really need to text or something, please be respectful of your fellow singers and step into the hall. Let’s also not be taping music together, reviewing lyrics, or doing anything else while someone is singing.


1) Each class roster will be limited to 4 students. (There’s plenty of room in my studio for everyone to social distance).
2) Everyone but the person singing will keep their mask on.
3) Each singer will have their own individual sponge windscreen to cover the mic while they sing.
4) There will be a plexiglass barrier attached to the mic.
5) We will wipe down the mic, mic stand, and plexiglass barrier between each singer.
6) There will be an exhaust fan in the window.

7) We will take your temperature at entry.


With some slight modifications, online private sessions allow us to keep working on the same techniques, approach to phrasing and musicality that are so much a part of what we do in the studio. This is also an opportunity to expand your essential ‘standard’ repertoire (great american songbook, etc) as well as exploring more obscure material.

While we aren’t able to play and sing in exactly the same way as we can while in a room together, we’re still able to accomplish many of the same goals that bring you to private coaching in the best of times.

The singers I’ve worked with online so far have been pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish, and I’m happy to offer these sessions at your convenience and schedule. Please let me know if you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to speak to a student who has participated in a private online coaching.