Before my review of Spencer Day, I just want to congratulate The Green Room 42, which could teach a few of the established clubs how it’s done.

The experience of going to a show at this club starts from the moment you walk in the door. There are friendly greetings and an attractive staff that refer to you by name! From the lights on the tables that you can just turn off if you want something during the show, signalling your server to come to you; to the concept that taking photos, texting and posting about the show, during the show, are strongly encouraged, are all geared to appeal to the hip new audience that they are attacking by booking hip young talent! The booking agent, Daniel, also gets on stage to welcome the audience and to introduce the featured singer. Every club should do this! Even the food and cocktails are great AND there is no minimum! Going to a show in New York should be this experience and I just wanted to take a paragraph to mention that I think The Green Room 42 is doing it right!

Now, on to Spencer Day. It seems that the new wave in cabaret performance is to offer stand out talents a “residency” at the club and I certainly understand why Spencer Day has been performing monthly at The Green Room 42 since last May…He is INCREDIBLE!

Referring to himself as, “the less iconic, Harry Connick”, this Utah born singer/ songwriter is as delightful, and certainly as talented, as Harry. And there’s something about him that’s just…so…authentic! He’s the real deal! He’s a jazz musician and singer with eclectic tastes, so the program is an exciting evening of sitting there thinking, “What is coming next?” He also has this yummy baritone/bass voice with a vocal quality reminiscent of a different era. He looks youthful, but he is an “old soul” on stage.

Playing with wonderful jazz musicians on Guitar, Bass and Drums he sometime sang up front, and at other times would go to the piano to play for himself. He’s a very accomplished musician as well as a great songwriter. When you are singing a program of American Songbook and Jazz Standards written by all the great composers of the day and somehow, your original material just blends in, that’s good songwriting!

He didn’t have a song list but I’m not one who usually does a laundry list of tunes when reviewing…just know that every song was a delight. Some of the tunes were: Nobody Else But Me (Kern, Hammerstein); Spooky (Shapiro, Middlebrooks, Jr.), one of the best renditions of Lush Life (Strayhorn) I have ever heard, the 50’s hit, Love Me, Love Me, and some of his originals, California Yes and the Movie of Your Life where he asked us, “How much would you have enjoyed watching a movie of your life?” He sang a few numbers flawlessly in Spanish and is heading down South to record an album in Spanish with a 20-piece orchestra. This to go along with his other 9 recordings. Yes, he’s also an International recording artist currently on the Capital label.

If you like an easy, smooth, sexy male voice packaged in a handsome, funny and extremely talented performer, well, Spencer Day is a man you should go to see. He’s on tour and recording for the rest of January and through February but his next performance at The Green Room 42 is: March 22nd at 7:00 pm – GO!

For more information please visit:

The Green Room 42
@ The Yotel Hotel
570 10th Ave 4th floor
New York, New York 10036
(646) 449-7792