Here are two funny tunes by Horowitz & Spector. Bobbie Horowitz is probably THE most supportive person in New York celebrating everyone else’s work so today, Cabaret Hotspot wanted to celebrate Bobbie as a songwriter along with her long-time writing and performing partner Sharon Spector (Schapow).

Bobbie writes: “These 2 numbers were both performed on a well-known (at the time) recurring event called “Stairway To Stardom”.  The series was hosted by Frank Masi and Ben Martini who was also our pianist.”

“Boiled Chicken”

“Something’s Rotten in Transylvania”

*Note: I (Sue Matsuki) had the privilege of singing this second tune with Bobbie allowing Gregory Toroian and I to “jazz it up” a bit!

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Bobbie also has two Zoom Workshops coming up in July as follows:

July 14th @ 1:00 pm How to Use Color Psychology and

July 16th @ 1:00 pm Color & Your Numerology

Cabaret Hotspot will provide more information on these workshops next week. If you want more information, please visit Bobbie’s website.