I recently heard this lovely lady sing one of her original tunes at Harold Sanditen’s Open Mic in London, we were on the same bill. She is a charming singer-songwriter that I think you all will enjoy so…ENJOY. Here she is singing “Love, It Rules the World”.

Laura Budzelek is an international performing artist. The multilingual singer-songwriter’s style is a unique blend of pop rock and world music genres. Much of Laura’s inspiration stems from her travels abroad, classic rock and her background in classical music.

Music and Lyrics: Laura Budzelek
Video: Minh Ngan and Konrad Turos
Engineering: Tom Stewart
Vocals: Laura Budzelek
Keyboards: Laura Budzelek
Bass Guitar: Joe Budzelek
Trumpet: Aaron Eaddy
Guitar: Tom Stewart
Drums: Jeff Hatcher
Copyright 2018 Treasure the World

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