Today I feature yet another of my new favorite songwriters. Audrey Appleby is as funny as she is poignant. She knows how to write! She is also a dancer and a dance teacher who offers Zoom classes for parents and children to interact and move together. She’s an amazing lady…you’re going to love her!

The first tune is about that special someone, not in the business, who is always there for you as you step off the stage and the second tune is a funny look at how love is perfectly imperfect.

Beyond The Velvet Curtain
© 2019 Audrey Appleby and Sean Harkness
Audrey Appleby Lyrics
Sean Harkness Music
Chris Coogan Piano and Piano Arrangement
Sean Harkness Guitar and Guitar Arrangement
Jim Clark Sound Engineer

I'm Writing New Songs- This One is All About Someone Special Who Waits For Me At The Bar When I do A Show, With Flowers In Hand – BEYOND THE VELVET CURTAINBeyond The Velvet Curtain© 2019 Audrey Appleby and Sean Harkness Audrey Appleby LyricsSean Harkness Composer, Guitar, Audio Mix, Video EditChris Coogan Piano and Piano ArrangementJim Clark Vocal Recording EngineerLorraine Ferro My Hidden Treasure Songwriting Coach Contact Me If You Like This Or If You Are A Singer And Would Like To Sing This! I'll Send You The

Posted by Audrey Appleby on Saturday, June 27, 2020



Picasso Woman
© 2008 Audrey Appleby and Shelly Markham
Audrey Appleby Lyrics/Shelly Markham Composer
Audrey Appleby Lead Vocals
Chris Coogan Piano
Rick Jensen on additional keyboard
Engineered by: Roger Lian

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