Cabaret Hotspot! wishes you all a Happy, Healthy, Music-Filled 2021!

Speaking of a Music-filled New Year…please note all the new classes being offered in our Education Box below. All details on how to join these classes are listed there. Starting up this month are:

“Piano, Bass & Drum Workshop – PBD” (Gregory Torotian) Starts the week of January 4th. There are different days and times offered. This class in on-going.

“So You Want to Sing” Vocal Technique Workshop (Sabella Voice Studio) – Starts Tuesday, January 5th from 7:00-9:00 pm. This class is on-going.

“So You Want to Collaborate” Workshop (Sabella Voice Studio) – Starts Thursday, January 5th from 7:00-9:00 pm. This class is on-going.

Manhattan Cabaret Arts offers a 9-week Performance Workshop with a Zoom performance (Eadie Scott and Ricky Ritzel) – Starts Tuesday, January 5th – March 2nd (Zoom performance).

Singnasium is currently offering on-going classes with a full schedule soon to be announced. Please visit: to see the classes being offered and to register.

Michael Kirk Lane is back with the 92 Y Series: “Cabaret Conversations”, “Cabaret History and Great Performances” and “Cabaret Performance: Connecting to Your Lyric”. To find information on all three of these programs click here:

AND…check in with Cabaret Hotspot! University (CHU) for downloaded video classes and for new classes being offered. Click here: