OnTheSpot with Conor Weiss

Love Is…
Feb 4 & 6, 2022

Love Is… directed by Geoffrey Stoner, with Maria Corsaro, Gregory Toroian (pianist & musical director), and Kati Neiheisel was a beautifully crafted and delivered show about  — LOVE.  Without falling into the sappy cliches, that shows built around love songs are prone to,  the sensitive and heartfelt renditions of each song took the audience on a ride through  the excitement, anticipation, longing, passion and humor that are stops along the way in every love story. This show reprises onSunday Feb 6 at 1:00pm  TICKETS 


Maria Corsaro was engaging in her delivery across the emotional spectrum of each song, pulling the audience close on every phrase.

Kati Neiheisel and Maria Corsaro connect beautifully when they share the stage

Kati Neiheisel & Bassist Skip Ward

Kati Neiheisel delivers a warmth and passion that would make the lyricists and composers proud





Gregory Toroian Pianist and Musical Director Provided sublime arrangements

Skip Ward