OnTheSpot with David Sabella

Claudine Cassan-Jellison
Hey, Frenchy (Songs and Stiories from the Pantry)
Don’t Tell Mama
Dec 20, 2021, 7pm

Claudine Cassan-Jellison capivated her audience with a musical evening of Aznavour, Montand, Trenet, Patachou and Paif. In fact, so captivating was her performance that her self-proclaimed vocal deficit (a nourological “essential vocal tremor”) was barely noticable, if at all. Cassan-Jellison is so complete an actress, so compelling as a story teller, that her art transcends her vocal limitations.

Both personal and illuminating, “Hey, Frenchy” is an evening to be experienced. Whether or not one is a “francophile,” one can’t help being transported into Claudine’s world, her childhood, her memories and her music. And what a wonderful journey it is!

Music Direcotr: David Gaines; Bass: Tom Hubbard; Director: Barry Kleinbort

Here are some pictoral highlights from the evening.