The West Bank Café /
The Laurie Beechman Theatre
407 W. 42nd St. (@ 9th Ave.)

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The Laurie Beechman Theatre  is expected to be open and booking shows soon.

West Bank Café is offering LIVE music from Wednesday-Sunday happening at the West Bank from 7:00-9:00 with some shows booked for a 5:00-7:00 set. (Doors open at 4:00 pm for cocktails and dining with indoor and outdoor Covid safe options.)  Reservation: 212-695-6909. To see their full schedule: Visit Website

West Bank Cafe Announces LIVE Music Schedule for Month of June!
There is no  cover charge for dinner music, though virtual tip jars for the performers are available.  (Unless noted performance times are 7:00-9:00 pm)

Sat June 5  5-7: Eric Yves Garcia

Sat June 5 8-10: The Gabrielle Stravelli Trio

Sun June 6 5-7: Mardie Millit and Michael Garin

Sun Jun 6 8-10: Sean Patrick Murtagh

Wed June  9: Aaron Lee Battle and Jon Weber

Thurs June 10: Zen Brother

Fri June 11 5-7: Eric Comstock and Barbara Fasano

Fri June 11 8-10:The Jazz Bandits (Bill Hayes, Colin Taber, John Samorian and Chip Jackson)

Sat June 12  5-7: Eric Yves Garcia

Sat June 12 8-10: The Gabrielle Stravelli Trio

Sun June 13 5-7: Mardie Millit and Michael Garin

Sun Jun 13 8-10: Aisha DeHaas and Jon Weber

Wed June  16: Karen Oberlin with Tedd Firth

Thurs June 17: Nicolas King

Fri June 18 5-7: Darnell White

Fri June 18 8-10:The Jazz Bandits (Bill Hayes, Colin Taber, John Samorian and Chip Jackson)

Sat June 19  5-7: Eric Yves Garcia

Sat June 19 8-10: The Gabrielle Stravelli Trio

Sun Jun 20:  Billy Stritch

Wed June  23: Mark Nadler

Thurs June 24: Nicolas King

Fri June 25 5-7: Sue Matsuki

Fri June 25 8-10:The Jazz Bandits (Bill Hayes, Colin Taber, John Samorian and Chip Jackson)

Sat June 26  5-7: Eric Yves Garcia

Sat June 26 8-10: The Gabrielle Stravelli Trio

Sun Jun 27 : Billy Stritch

Wed Jun 30: Corina Sowers Adler

Performers subject to change, and the full schedule is also available at

The History of The West Bank

West Bank Cafe opened in 1978. It was as “far-west” on 42nd Street as one would want to venture, at a time when Hell’s Kitchen lived up to its name. The restaurant’s early clients even included the notorious Irish gang, the Westies.

In 1980, The New York Times awarded West Bank two stars, which increased its visibility and attracted a wider range of diners. In her review, Mimi Sheraton described the restaurant as “a spirited, attractive [place] with…a number of exceptional dishes memorable for both originality and excellence.” The original Continental menu included dishes such as crudités and sole amandine—a window into the culinary times.

In this era, West Bank Cafe’s owner, Steve Olsen opened the  Laurie Beechman Theatre downstairs from the Cafe, which staged plays and hosted events nightly. A young Lewis Black was named playwright-in-residence; Howard Stern aired his third-annual live birthday broadcast from the theater; and the restaurant’s regulars included Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Bruce Willis, among others.

Soon the redevelopment of 42nd Street spread further west, bringing new businesses and residents to the area. Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, the restaurant was a leader in the growing Theater District and Hell’s Kitchen dining scenes. As new theaters opened in the area, the restaurant’s connection to stage and screen remained strong as well. The Laurie Beechman Theatre continued to regularly stage the work of emerging writers, actors, and singers (many of whom later became stars) as well as established acts: The Who even gave four live performances at the restaurant while their musical Tommy was running on Broadway.

After 38 years, the restaurant’s surrounding neighborhood and America’s culinary tastes have changed dramatically. West Bank Cafe has evolved along with the neighborhood and maintained a commitment to serving high-quality food in a unpretentious setting where both theater-goers and theatre stars feel at home.

About STEVE OLSEN, Owner

Owner Steve Olsen began working in the restaurant industry at age 16. He started in the kitchen and worked his way through every position in the business. Steve opened the West Bank Cafe when he was all of 24. A passionate wine collector, he has amassed over 250 labels and holds vinification, viniculture, and blind wine tasting certificates from the American Sommelier Association. In keeping with West Bank Cafe’s close ties to the theater and film worlds, Steve has nurtured young actors, writers, and directors—including Lewis Black, Sean Penn, and Side Man playwright Warren Leight—many of whom appeared in and staged performances at the downstairs Laurie Beechman Theater, on their way to accomplished careers.