This is another GREAT writing team that have been working together for some time now and it shows in how far their collaborative efforts have come.

Matthew Martin Ward, beloved musical director and songwriter along with Peter Napolitano, lyricist, director and spoken word performer have written a song about what else..what’s next! As in what’s next after all this isolation and social unrest?

They chose to look at life with the glass half full in a song that sounds like it was pulled right out of a Broadway Show. I always say that when you are singing the “hook” of a song as you are walking out of a show that you have never seen before….THAT’s a good song…THIS is a really, really good song. Enjoy!

Both Peter and Matthew can be commissioned to write an original song for you. Just give them the gist and let them have at it. To contact them please visit their Facebook pages:

Photo: Matthew and Peter with Janice Hall