EVERY 2ND SUNDER FROM 1:00-3:00 pm
Featuring Skip Ward on bass!

MAY 8TH – Mom, Mommy, Mama
JUNE 12TH – Da, Da, Da Dad-e-O!
JULY 10TH – Red, White & Blue
AUGUST 14TH – Dog Days of Summer
SEPTEMBER 11TH – Remembering
OCTOBER 9TH – Hey Boo!
NOVEMBER 13TH – Grateful

Pangea – 178 2nd Avenue between 11th & 12th – Reservations: 212-995-0900
FREE! No Music Charge (But band tips are appreciated!) – $20.00 food/drink minimum – Doors open at noon. Covid safe room with FREE mic covers for each singer. Proof of vaccination and photo ID required.
How it works:
Bring 2 identical copies of your music (with chords, no scores please).
Music should be taped accordion style.
To keep things fair, we randomly draw names from a hat.
One song each and if the house is small, we go around a 2nd time.
We keep song set up (patter) to a minimum so that more people can sing!
Bring a few songs taped and ready to sing in case someone before you does the song you were going to perform.

Featuring multi-MAC and Julie Wilson award winner, Sue Matsuki, with her long-time Bistro and MAC Award winning collaborator and Music Director, Gregory Toroian, and featuring Skip Ward on bass.