The Zona Studio

Announces ONLINE MUSIC CLASSES to beef up your musicianship skills!

Piano Savvy for Singers is a “soup to nuts” course for professional or pre-professional singers, voice teachers, and students of voice who need to gain the specific skills on the piano that supports their own singing and their students.

This class is for singers who:

  • want to be able to play the piano for themselves or for their students.
  • have watched some online videos and bought some piano method books but don’t know how to apply these things to the specific skills they need.
  • know how to read music but are overwhelmed by the technique required to actually play vocal repertoire.
  • can play scales and “chord-fake” but are overwhelmed by actually playing accompaniments with any level of mastery.
  • want an easy, straightforward system to learn how to play the piano in a way that will support their singing or the singing of their students in 30 days or less.