Photo Credit: Curtis Brown Photography

Mama’s Boys
Don’t Tell Mama
Sunday, August 11th @ 5:00 pm

Take 4 incredibly and individually fantastic singers: Tommy J. Dose, Brian Kalinowski, Paul Pilcz and Jon Satrom add a kicking band: Music Director Elliot Roth, Matt Cusack on bass and Brian Fishler on drums then add tight staging by Sean Bernardi and great tech support by Adam Decarlo….put it in a blender and mix it all up and you get a wonderful, fun, beautifully sung program that was over way too quickly for this reviewer!

Mama’s Boys are actually 4 men who met as bartenders and waiters at the world famous piano bar, Don’t Tell Mama…hence their name…but each of them are solo stars in their own right.

So how does Music Director Elliot Roth blend 4 voices from 4 different worlds of singing? We have your Broadway type, your Boy Band type, your cruise ship type and even…go figure…a Cabaret type! All of them have major credits, nationally and internationally, formed into what has become a funny, eclectic, heartfelt and different kind of Boy Band!

With music and tastes ranging from Jeff Bhasker to Greg Holden to Stephen Sodnheim; Cole Porter to Ed Sheeran; Lin Manuel Miranda to Jonathan Larson, Justin Bieber and even Sara Bareilles, you are guaranteed and interesting night. Add to this, the fact that these 4 voices blend together like an old time barbershop quartet (with no auto-tuning) and you can see why this boy-band is much more impressive. Special mention to Adam Decarlo as the Tech Director. Sound designing the blend with a group like this takes a lot of skill!

My absolute favorite spots in the show (of which there were many actually) was the 50’s Doo Wop section and, of course, the Broadway section! The Boy Band stuff didn’t retain my attention, but that’s only because it’s not my thing. The sold out audience clearly loved it all!

If you want to be thoroughly entertained by funny, an talented singers…this is the show for you!  Any Mama would be proud of these Boys!