Lynda Rodolitz
“Animal Magnetism”
Don’t Tell Mama

2018 Winner of Mama’s Next BIG Act Lynda Rodolitz has her own kind of magnetism… and it’s FUNNY…really, really funny! When a funny gal like Rodolitz is directed by a funny guy like Lennie Watts, I expect nothing less than brilliant and brilliant is what we got! BIG time as in the Next BIG Act!

Rodolitz has what I would classify as a “character” voice…a good character voice…perfect for what she delivers. She a great actress, writer, and comedian. The show is fast paced with all the songs being about the habits of animals and creatures and it’s incredibly well-researched. Seriously, I found out legit things that I never knew, and it was all fascinating.

I really do not want to give the surprises away by listing all the songs because, while some songs were obvious choices for a show like this, in the next moment, a song we all know, comes out of no where and, through the eyes of an animal, becomes something completely different. She had me crying and laughing at the same time a few times in the show but notably on a piece about a dog’s perspective on being left home all day. The song she chose was stunning and I just want you all to go see her next show to just take this moment in as I was allowed to do.

The best part of being in Rodolitz’s company for an hour was that you never knew (or could even guess) what was coming next. It was FUN! I even put my song list away after the 2nd song so that I could just be surprised. There are one-liners and bad animal puns galore…Isn’t it Ro-MANTIS? for example. Her mind just works differently (in the best possible way) than the rest of us. I was glad to hear that Rodolitz wrote the show with Watts’ tweaks.

Rodolitz does a hysterical 80’s themed Disco medley about the more, um, precocious habits of different species. Hoot! Hoot! (And that’s not an owl!)

Her band and the arrangements were all great! Led by the wonderful Steven Ray Watkins with Matt Scharfglass on Bass and Don Kelly on Drums, they all supported Rodolitz well, AND they all were having a ball up there with her, and that’s something I love to see.

There is only one thing that stuck out to me as a constructive thought to offer, and I have to mention the tune here. When she sings Indian Love Call (Harbach/Hammerstein) in a bit where she does really funny (actual) animals love calls she tries to sing it in an actual opera-like way and it either has to be completely, legitimately opera-like OR she needs to go further and press the “character” voice and energy more. Something about this number felt like she was trying to sing it legitimately, but that it fell a little short. The bit rescued it though. This is a quibble in an otherwise brilliant show.

PLEASE go see Ms. Rodolitz and have a blast! It’s a really fun ride.

TWO MORE SHOWS! Sunday, February 24th at 3:00 PM and Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00 PM @ Don’t Tell Mama – 212-575-0788 (after 4:00 PM) or on-line: $20 Cover / $15 MAC / 2-drinks