Written by Lina Koutrakos and Mark Hartman, “Bury Me Deep” is a soulful, deep tune that is made even more beautiful by Ms. Koutrakos’ amazing vocals. THIS is a “signature” voice. A woman’s voice. Isn’t this what we would all kill for…not to sound like anyone else?! Oh, I know who that is…that’s Lina!

Best known as a singer, recording artist and one of the “go to” directors and teachers here in NY, songwriting is yet another incredible talent in this impressive woman’s bag of tricks!

This video is from a quiet moment in an otherwise raucous gig at B.B Kings!


Here’s what Lina had to say about this tune:

“Technically in this virtual age we are in this particular video is not state of the art, but this song still thrills me (if I do say so myself.) Over a decade ago I drove all by myself down the eastern seaboard to revisit a lot of the places -south of the mason-dixon line -where I grew up as a Navy brat. My final destination was a small town in South Carolina, where I got out of the car on a beautiful, muggy, hot, humid, swampy 112 degree day and this song “wrote me” in what seemed like a few seconds.

A day later a hurricane stopped me on my way back to NY and from a roadside motel I called my friend Mark Hartman (a North Carolina boy) and sang it to him over the phone. Once both of us were back in the same city a few weeks later we meet at the Duplex. He sat at the piano and just as easily as the song had come to me, we sang through it the first time as though it was something we’d already known and done a million times before. I sang it a capella in a gorgeously tight 4-part harmony with my band for years at the Bottom Line, and then for years after with just a piano and my own voice.

It made its way into a musical Dan Gross and I wrote called “Southern Rain” and it won an award for “Best Gospel Song” in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest when we first wrote it. Three years ago I gave it -at a Town Hall meeting to the Mayor and the town of Beaufort- as a gift, as it’s where I initially wrote the song and who I wrote it about. These days in our NYC lock down, I long for it a bit more then usual.”

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