Janie Press in

It’s All in the Times

Don’t Tell Mama

Opening with an amazing song that she co-wrote with her always impressive Musical Director, Gerry Dieffenbach, called, “It’s All in the Times” (the name of the show), Janie Press not only impressed as a cabaret performer but also as a song writer. Let’s also note, if you haven’t already, that her name is Janie PRESS! Everything from her name to her postcard to her show theme was on point.

Before I speak about Ms. Press, I want to make mention of how well-written, smart and laid out this show was. All the real sections of the NY Times…Front Page News, Travel, Real Estate, Sports, Science, Style, Arts, Books, Crossword, Business, Obits and the Metropolitan Sections…were covered. Each section was very cleverly separated and/or introduced by the underscoring of songs like the Wedding March for “Get Me to the Church on Time” (Lerner & Loewe, 1956 from My Fair Lady) or the Jeopardy Theme for “Crossword Puzzle” (Maltby & Shire, 1977 from Starting Here, Starting Now). I will not tell you the rest of them because I found it fun to try to figure it out as the show went along and I also found myself excitedly awaiting to see what was next.

The show was Directed by Helen Baldassare, one of Cabaret’s most cherished resources for clear direction.

I am sure that she will bring this show back so, again, I do not want to list all her tunes for each section of the paper but, suffice it to say, there were clever choices and all the material was suitable for both Ms. Press’s voice and energy. She is also a really good story-teller and writer. Her patter was delivered easily, as if she were just talking to us and not trying to remember a script. It’s a happy show and watching it made me happy!

The only thing I would offer as an observation is that when it came time for the Thanks…there was an energy drop. It is totally possible to do thanks and keep it moving and do them quickly so I would offer this observation to the team to take a look at for the next time around. Maybe putting them in ad form to keep with theme.

No “fake news” here! Keep your eyes out for the return of this show and go to see it!

Hot off the Presses…Janie Press impresses!