Lina Koutrakos presents her Advanced Performance Class singing the beautiful Stephen Sondheim song, I Remember…

Full disclosure: David Sabella and I (Sue Matsuki) are part of this beautiful video but, we do not present this on Cabaret Hotspot as the Editor and Managing Editor of this site, we present it because we feel this is a very special moment created by Lina and all of these singers. Clearly the over 4,500 people who have watched  it over the past 2 weeks agree. We hope you enjoy it!


Something the Advanced Performance Class and I put together (while we are working virtually) that I'm really proud of. A little Stephen Sondheim and a whole lot of quiet passion. Thinking we might all be able to relate. Credits, Tags and THANKS go to: Diane D'AngeloAudrey Appleby Mary Sue Daniels Sue Matsuki David Sabella Ann Talman Patrice McKinley Joanne Meltzer Halev Susan Stadlen Mack Patti Bottino-Bravo Fred Aiese Steve Sieck Katie Dunne McGrath Elvira Tortora David Sabella Rick Jensen Daryl Kojak Gregory Toroian. and a big thanks for editing and sound to Roger Lian

Posted by Lina Koutrakos on Wednesday, May 6, 2020



Lina Koutrakos

Audrey Appleby

Sue Matsuki

Ann Talman

Joanne Meltzer Halev

Susan Stadlen Mack

Patrice McKinley

David Sabella

Patti Bottino-Bravo

Lina Koutrakos

Fred Aiese

Steve Sieck

Elvira Tortora

Katie Dunne McGrath

Mary Sue Daniels

Diane D’Angelo

With special thanks to Rick Jensen for the beautiful arrangement, to Daryl Kojak, Gregory Toroian, to Roger Lian for editing this video and of course the people who made this video would like to thank Lina for including us in this project.