With everyone doing live and at-home concerts during the Covid-19 quarantine, Cabaret Hotspot continues to strive to be the “TV Guide of Live Entertainment” but we need your help.

We have been trolling sites, reading down Facebook posts and asking you to send us your information so that we can list your event but it’s impossible to post what we do not know about. Cabaret Hotspot is trying to be as current as humanly possible, but we are but two people!

Stephen Mosher at Broadway World and Cabaret Hotspot have agreed to help each other with information because we both feel that it is more important to get the information out there than it is to claim “credit” for posting first. This is about providing a service to you, not about us.

Cabaret Hotspot continues to post our weekly Spotlights on Sunday morning, along with our E-Weekly Newsletter for the upcoming week’s shows. We have also been using the Pre-Views bar to post other on-going weekly shows. Both bars change weekly. We are trying to “share the wealth” on who gets posted for the week as there is limited space on how many boxes scroll.

Currently, we are not posting individual one-off video clips of one song. However, if you are doing a daily clip like Tony DeSare, Mark Nadler or Jay Leonhart and others, this will be listed. We are not currently posting entire one-off, videotaped shows but are working on a Cabaret Hotspot YouTube Channel where we will hopefully be able to offer this soon. There are still rights issues to consider. Right now, 54 Below, Cast Party and The Triad/Metropolitan Room all offer posting opportunities for people who have worked at those clubs on their own YouTube pages. (Refer to our Live Performance Schedule for details, go to their pages and/or websites and check out one of their events to see how it works.)

Sue Matsuki has already written about this topic in my Sue’s Views Blog on August 26th 2019. That article and now this updated one are good reads if you want to learn how to properly promote yourselves.

A Good Press Release = A Possible Listing

Further to the column above…

How do you get a Spotlight with Cabaret Hotspot? Well, it all starts with a great Press Release. The more content filled your Press Release or email to us, the more likely you will get posted. Here’s the thing…if you send us something that is easy to just cut and paste, with a picture (with photo credit even better), the more likely it is that you will receive a spot! We also do not like the use of many fonts because we have to reformat everything.

This next request is just for now because, when shows start to go up again, we will need these Press Releases much earlier but, the timing of the receipt of your Press Release is important. Should you wish to be considered for a Spotlight, we appreciate having your Press Release a full 2-weeks prior to your event. The very latest that Sue can consider you is by Friday night before the week of your event. She updates everything late Saturday night to produce the next week’s Newsletter and Spotlight picks. However, she usually has the picks mapped out a week ahead so the earlier you get your Press Release in, the more likely you will make the cut!

What do we need? Who, What, Where, When, a Description of the event and a few “bells and whistles.” The most important information about YOU or the event goes on top…not all your press agent’s information. This isn’t about them! This information should appear at the end in case we need it to contact them or you for additional information.

Here is an edited version of our friend Richard Skipper’s Press Release because it a great example of what, very specifically, we are asking you to submit. The original Press Release had very long bios which I have edited down to the basics for this example. They do appear in their entirety on his posting. You would, of course, only be doing your own information on your Press Release unless you have guests or other cast members. It also used several fonts in different sizes which we reformatted. Using Times Roman 12 is recommended and you can bold the titles.

Please notice the flow and format that Cabaret Hotspot prefers:


For immediate release
Casting New Lives & NightLife Exchange present

with Davie S. Zimmerman (WHAT)
Producer, Casting Director, Teacher, Coach, Writer, Actor, and Director.


Casting New Lives & NiteLife Exchange Present Richard Skipper Celebrates David S. Zimmerman on Facebook Live for BlogTalk Radio Richard Skipper Celebrates…Celebrating Artists and Their Bodies of ‘Worth’!

Richard Skipper and  David S. Zimmerman are sitting down for an intimate chat to discuss how the corona virus has affected David and his advice to many in the business AND they will be responding to your comments/questions. Imagine “Inside the Actor’s Studio” but with Richard Skipper’s own personal style.

About David S. Zimmerman

Producer, Casting Director, Teacher, Coach, Writer, Actor, Director David S. Zimmerman has been coaching actors and putting together workshops for over a decade. In 2007, David was honored at the 25th Annual Media Access Awards at Universal Studios Globe Theatre with the prestigious MEDIA ACCESS AWARD along with Norman Lear, Stevie Wonder, and others. In 2013, the “MEET THE BIZ” program was incredibly honored to receive a grant from the CHRISTOPHER & DANA REEVE FOUNDATION through the ACTORS FOR AUTISM and a grant from the FRIENDS OF CALIFORNIANS WITH DISABILITIES, INC for the “40 Series”. He also proudly has become a faculty member of the PERFORMING ARTS STUDIO WEST family. For more information please visit:

About Richard Skipper

2020 is marking Richard Skipper’s 41st year in New York (from South Carolina). He is an entertainer, raconteur, arts advocate, theater historian and promotions/ marketing guru. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates…, he has conducted over 700 interviews celebrating notable people in the arts and he recently completed a very successful artist in residence at The Laurie Beechman Theater in NYC where he presented a monthly talk/variety show called Richard Skipper Celebrates produced by Russ Woolley. He opened his SOLD-OUT show, An Evening with Richard Skipper: From Conway to Broadway off Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre. He then took it to his hometown of Conway SC where it all began for him, The Theatre of The Republic and most recently with The American Popular Song Society.

For Further Information, please contact:
Richard Skipper Celebrates –  (telephone contact)


Your live show, this afternoon, was so much fun and uplifting….You brighten my spirits with your Gift of the gab… You made me laugh, and simply feel happy…I don’t feel isolated during this pandemic because of you…. Thank You… – Yvonne Marie, McQuade, NJ 

Richard Skipper  did a wonderful job interviewing Alison Arngrim today, though in truth, I always love his shows. You can tell he truly loves what he does. – Rachel Blackbirdsong

So glad I listened to your interview with Marilyn Maye today.  I was with her on her closing night in St. Louis when she learned that Palm Springs was going to be postponed.  Glad I got to hear her with you today and to see she is still in high spirits.  The joy she brings to everyone what id going to get us all through this!  Thank you! – Shane Hartke Carmel, Indiana


The Bottom Line:

If you got us just the top of this Press Release up to the Description. it would be enough for us to consider giving you a Spotlight if we know your work. The rest is great but not as necessary for now. It would be more necessary if you were doing a show and trying to get people who do not know you to come to see your work. Just keep in mind, the more you present yourself like a professional, the more you will be treated as such.

Sue Matsuki
Dream it! Believe it! DO IT!