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Doris Dear’s Season 2 of “Gurl Talk” Now On Demand
6 Episodes with Episodes 1-6 now Streaming – Episode 6 features Grover Dale debuting NOW! Click here:
“Doris Dear’s Gurl Talk”

Doris debuted her first episode on Broadway On Demand to amazing reviews and Blake Allen and Doris released the “Doris Dear’s Gurl Talk” soundtrack album and had over 7,000 streams this week!

Stop by and spend an entertaining, fun half hour in the Rumpus Room with me and my special guest, Broadway luminary Grover Dale! I  welcome Grover Dale, Broadway dancer, movie star as well as a Tony winning Broadway director, to the final episode of the season and we chat about life upon the stage and beyond! Grover has had an illustrious career and reveals every aspect of his life starting with his amazing turn in the original “West Side Story” on Broadway as ‘snow boy’! His multi show Broadway career led to him starring in movies, most notably as Debbie Reynolds brother in “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. He lays it all out in the Rumpus Room starting with his love affair with Anthony Perkins and marrying his love Anita Morris. Just wait until you hear him ask if he can ‘talk about sex’!!!

Episodes 1 & 2 are FREE  as of  this week, you will be charged a flat subscription rate of $11.99 for the final 4 episodes which is basically $3.00 per show. Subscribe today and Enjoy!