Dave Konig
Don’t Tell Mama’s
August 29, 2021
“With All Due Respect”

By Tommy Vance

The lights dimmed, and musical director Elliot Finkel made his way to the piano bench, which promptly collapsed beneath him! Three-time Emmy award winning comedian, Dave Konig, then helped Finkel off the floor, found him another seat, and ran to the microphone and announced “For our Next number; ” and a night full of laughs was underway.

Ever the professional, Finkel shook off the apparent and comical bench malfunction and deftly played some original pieces before Konig commenced with his act.

With a set-list of observational and often self-deprecating humor, Konig kurmudgingly harkened back to the Borscht-Belt comedians of yester-year. His playful anger towards things like modern technology, dealing with his kids, customer service, etc. made it easy for everyone in the audience to relate to him. And his effortless way of weaving between current events, funny anecdotes and impressions was seamless.

At times silly, and sometimes rip roaring hilarious, Konig had a style that seemed to tickle even himself. Jokes about his thoughts on the intellect of telemarketers, or his wife’s thoughts on the symmetry of his face. And a particularly funny moment, when Konig did an impersonation of Richard Nixon pulling an “all-nighter” had the audience rolling around the floors.

Interspersed between jokes and topics, Konig told us stories of his life and career; his journey to joining the Broadway Cast of Grease “in spite of” (his words) his lack of any singing prowess. But with some grit and determination, plus a little ingenuity (“let the orchestra
play louder, let the ensemble sing with me”) he made his Broadway Debut. Although Konig chuckled, the music director of Grease did stop a couple rehearsals saying, “We can still hear you!”

Which brings us to the more experimental portion of his performance. Bringing Finkel back up to the stage, he had Finkel improvise some musical riffs while he shot off some of his one-liners (which, though very funny, might have benefited from a fuller story to flesh them out). Finkel would respond with another musical riff to accent, or distract. The two have a very jockular chemistry, and it was great seeing them play off each other in this improvisational parry.

Konig and Finkel are at the top of their game. Closing the show they did an original number called “I Gotta Be Me”. The message in the song echoed his parting words as he triumphantly ended the evening. “You may not be a singer, but you still gotta sell it!”

Konig is in monthly residency at DTM. His next performances are Sept 19 and Oct 24.