Photo Credit: Gen Nishino

Daryl Glenn thrilled the crowd at Don’t Tell Mama on Sunday, October 28th in Daryl Sings Steve; a valentine of a tribute to Stephen Sondheim. Beginning the afternoon’s entertainment by pairing Everybody’s Got The Right and Now You Know in an ornate brocade evening coat Mr. Glenn visually established the tone of the show at once.

Mr. Glenn disarmed as he welcomed the audience into the intimacy of a lifelong epistolary relationship with Stephen Sondheim. The open-hearted mirth of Mr. Glenn’s singing, by turns boisterous and delicate evidenced the entirely relatable experience of being a lifelong and unabashed fan.

Mr. Glenn holds the impressive distinction of being a “triple-crown” recipient of MAC, Bistro, and Nightlife awards for his NYC cabaret debut—a tribute to the Robert Altman film Nashville.

There was never a moment when a song seemed superfluous or out of place. The musical journey was fulfilling and had great pacing. I was particularly touched by the tenderness of Mr. Glenn’s performance of Loving You. Arrangements and musical direction were provided by Karen Dryer. Ms Dryer joined Mr. Glenn at the piano and offered up the occasional buttery vocal.

At times Mr. Glenn’s larger than life joie de vivre seemed suited to a larger venue but his skillful use of dynamic contrast served to keep things intimate. I was engrossed every time his boisterous ebullience shifted into a gentle subito pianissimo.

Special mention must be made of Dominic Paolillo whose staid presence, performances and handsome vocals lent the afternoon a sombre charm. Mr. Paolillo joined Mr. Glenn for a duet of No More that served to bring the show’s journey full circle signaling a will to happiness. The duet was followed by a relaxed solo rendition of Everybody Says Don’t that lent this ordinarily up-tempo an earnest and shimmering tranquility.

The afternoon’s entertainment concluded with a cheery button of a reprise of Now You Know and the reassuring comfort of Mr. Glenn’s favorite Sondheim song Not While I’m Around in an arrangement from Barbra Streisand’s The Broadway Album.

Glenn reprises this performance November 11 at 3pm, at Don’t Tell Mama. Enjoy the show!