On The Road To Love
Marya Zimmet

By Tommy Vance

After the last 16 months of…..well you know, I think we’re all ready to get back onto that road to LOVE. Love for life. Love of self. Love of love. And thankfully we all have Marya Zimmet to guide us as she takes this musical journey that is doleful, hopeful, pensive, melancholy and revelatory on her recently released album On The Road To Love.

She opens with the seminal classic SOMETHING’S COMING (Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim) and quickly shows us a vulnerable and hopeful side that adds layers to this song of yearning and dreams.

She then, deftly glides into INTO WHITE (Islam Yusuf) and NO MOON AT ALL (David Mann, Redd Evans) with a delicate and ethereal sense of one who is taking in the world around her and seeing it through kaleidoscope eyes, only to then lift our spirits and remind us that we all need a chuckle as she then moves into IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN (Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg). She delivers the song with knowing sense of human imperfection and a wink in her eye. A sometimes necessary reminder that sometimes, we just have to laugh at our own folly.

She paints some vivid upbeat moments in songs like YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO (Cole Porter) and LITTLE BIRD (Annie Lennox), and brings the energy inward with an introspective and heartfelt rendition of LITTLE PERSON (Jon Brion).

Zimmet’s artistic abilities and originality shined in her much varied versions of GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) and MAYBE I’M AMAZED (Paul McCartney). She commanded these immense hits and made them her own.

The shining moment, however, was a very powerful version of CALLING YOU (Bob Telson). Zimmet’s haunting and beautiful vocals fell so softly over a soulful piano and percussion combitionation. Played by Tedd Firth and Mark McLean respectively. And when Nathan Childers’ saxophone joined in, the song felt like a sweet caress to the cheek on a rainy day.

On The Road To Love is a great ray of light for that melancholy day. With Tedd Firth musical directing as well as playing on piano and organ, Mark McLean on drums, Nathan Childers on saxophone and woodwinds and Pete Smith on guitar, and arrangements by Tedd Firth, John DiMartino, Don Rebic and Frank Ponzio, this album is sure to bring you that spark of inspiration on a grey cloudy day. A definite must for your collection.