The city that never sleeps is now being forced to take a long nap!

As of Tuesday, March 17th (dinner service Monday night March 16th) all clubs, bars, cafes, diners, restaurants (anyone that serves food), gyms, beauty shops & salons and movies are closed until further notice by the State of NY.

Restaurants are allowed to deliver and do take-out until 8:00 pm at night.

This means that many of our performing brothers and sisters are out of work for an undetermined block of time. Please check in with people. “Adopt” a friend if you are in a better financial situation and can send a gift of cash to them to help them sustain during this very difficult time. Check in with your elderly (higher risk) friends to make sure they have food and staples.

Cabaret Hotspot’s Editor, David Sabella is organizing the posting of  at On Line and At Home concerts and YouTube videos for MAC Nominees and cancelled shows here on Cabaret Hotspot so read up on that and stay tuned. You can also check Facebook for David’s posts on how to submit your videos.

We will try to keep you informed as we receive any updates.

Stay safe, stay home and be well,

David, Sue and the entire staff here at Cabaret Hotspot!