Picked Up

Through to August 25th

Theater Row

Dan Manjovi’s new drama, PICKED UP to debut at New York City’s Theatre Row New York NY opens at Theatre Row on 42nd Street.

PICKED UP will run for a total of 4 performances at the festival and is expected to be one of the highlights of this theatre festival, a strongly curated festival that is intended to highlight some of the country’s top plays and position these works for further development putting both the playwright and the play on track for a professional run.

PICKED UP is drama about a chance meeting between two men in a New York City bar that turns into a strange, seductive game of cat and mouse, and may uncover truths from their past. The drama was inspired by real events Mr. Manjovi’s life, and top stories and news events, which are close to the playwright’s heart. “While dealing with the lingering effects of my own trauma, the 2006 hate-crime case of Michael Sandy in Brooklyn popped into my head. Upon further research, I tracked down and interviewed the jury foreman of that trial, and his girlfriend, at his apartment in Brooklyn. The conversation touched off very powerful feelings within me. The above, combined with last summer’s explosive Brett Kavanaugh hearings, seeing two people remember the same event completely differently were the motivations for the play.” says Manjovi. PICKED UP is directed by Christopher Scott. Donna Trinkoff is the General Manager. Casting is being handled by Paul Fouquet of Elissa Meyers Casting. Please make a note of the dates.

Wednesday, August 14 at 2 pm, Saturday, August 17 at 8 pm, Sunday, August 18 at 5 pm, Tuesday, August 20 at 5 pm at Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036. Tickets are available on Telecharge or by visiting www.BroadwayBoundFestival.com

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