Bobbie Horowitz Offers New Classes!
2 Sessions on Wednesday, April 21st & 28th from 12:00-1:15
You pay only $50.00 for both sessions!

Session #1:  “How to Use Color Psychology –  April 21- Noon-1:15PM

Each Color Family has a VIBRATION and that’s why each affects most humans’ brains the same way. Once you have the info. It stays the same. You’ll need this only once in your life!  (It’s possible new discoveries could be made -but it’s highly unlikely.)  There are 9 Color Families.

Session #2: “Color & Your Numerology”  – April/28 – Noon-1:15PM

Numbers have Vibrations too! You’ll learn which number (from 1-9) has the most similar vibration to each of the 9 colors families studied in the First session. When YOU wear the color that corresponds with your ”number” that day AND add certain items with  because their color vibrations work best for special situations … like asking for donations  – WOW!

You’ll receive the LINK to the Seminar shortly after you enroll …and the simple method to send your payment.

Please email Bobbie directly  if you are interested!