Cabaret Hotspot! grew out of a void left by the unfortunate passing of Mr. Stu Hamstra, who was the Editor-in-Cheif of Cabaret Hotline Online. For nearly 30 years Cabaret Hotline (which started out as a newsletter, pre-computers) was devoted to promoting the art of cabaret, not only in NYC, but also across the country. The Hotline “Online” website later became the “TV Guide” of Cabaret, where one could see all the daily listings of shows, in every venue in NYC, and other cabaret cities, in addition to news and reviews. A mainstay at almost every club (one wondered how he had the time to be everywhere, all at once), Stu was a beloved figure in the cabaret community, and an esteemed reviewer. A favorable review from Stu Hamstra could go a long way in getting a new performer noticed.

I was one of those lucky young performers and remember Stu Hamstra well. Always optimistic for the future of cabaret, and enjoying (most of) the performances he attended, Stu was, for many, a bright light on 46th Street, (where he one time resided).

Realizing that Cabaret Hotline Online had fallen into demise with Stu’s passing, I decided to pick up the baton and create Cabaret Hotspot! And, it is my hope to not only pick up where Stu left off, but to exceed his wildest expectations as a supporter (and educator) of cabaret and small venue performance. With my colleague, Sue Matsuki, and an ever growing roster of contributing bloggers across the country, Cabaret Hotspot will strive to cover all things cabaret in NYC, across the country and, eventually, across the globe! And, with Cab U, we hope to inspire and educate the next generation(s) of cabaret performers.

Thank you Stu, for your many years of dedication to the world of Cabaret. We got this!


David Sabella
Editor in Chief, Cabaret HotSpot!