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After doing this blog/column for a long time, first for Nightlife Exchange (Ask Sue), then for Stu Hamstra’s CabaretHotlineOnLine (over 200 columns) and now for Cabaret Hotspot, the one thing that I want to offer to all of you trying to get your shows publicized or listed are these very helpful suggestions:

  1. Send me or whoever an email with a little note saying, I would appreciate it if you would consider listing my new show and then invite me to attend. Or, ask me to help get a reviewer from our team to come to see the show.
  2. Have your blurb listed in the body of that email and also the formal one attached. I say this because sometimes, downloads don’t happen so why waste the email…if all the important information is right there, there is still a chance for the listing. Also, many times we cannot cut and paste from a Constant Contact type notice.
  3. Please note that our preferred format here at Cabaret Hotspot! is: your name / the show name, date, time and venue…THEN the blurb, then the “business” part. (See my sample below.)
  4. Please include a head shot with photo credit and attach a copy of the show’s post card. This is a pet peeve of mine…I do not have the time to chase people to ask who did the photo and it’s a little rude not to give your photographer credit.
  5. If you start to brand yourself with how your materials look, I go, “Oh, that’s so-n-so, great releases. I can just cut and paste this one…no brainer!”
  6. If you are a Press Agent, branding is vitally important for you and your press releases. Your releases should also include a blurb of the show concept along with any impressive reviewer quotes that the artist may have. If the quote is from the show that you’re trying to list…all the better! You can also include a brief bio of your client at the end.
  7. Again, to all Press Agents, please, by all means, put your name and contact at the top of the Press Release but all other information about you is at the end…you are being hired by a client to promote their show so…get their information right on top of that email please.
  8. Fancy fonts look great on the actual Press Release but in the email Times Roman is usually the preferred font. Again, it’s easier to cut and paste and line spacing usually isn’t an issue.
  9. Bottom line…the easier you make it for me, the less work I have to do which means the more likely I am to give you a Pre-View or Spotlight posting.

Because my show is coming up and I’ve already posted it on this site, I’m just going to use my show for how I would submit it to this site, or any of the other sites that list shows, for consideration of a listing. I hope this blog has been helpful.



HOW’S THAT FOR OPENERS? (A Show of Opening Numbers!)


7:00 pm SOLD OUT

9:30 pm show added (reservations now available)

Don’t Tell Mama

Featuring: Gregory Toroian, David Finck (bass) and Ron Tierno (drums) – Directed by Lina Koutrakos.

Sidney Myer and Sue were recently talking about how long people have worked at DTM so she went home to look up her first performance. It was on a Tuesday, September 16, 1986 in the original room…33 years ago! The show is going to be composed of many of her Opening Numbers but it’s not a show about opening numbers! Come join what promises be an amazing evening of stories and music.

What three of Sue’s mentors have said:

“Sue Simply Cares!  With her great singing ability, Sue presents pertinent material, entertainment and fun to her audiences.  It’s her caring way to honor her music and to honor those who care to spend an evening with her.” – Marilyn Maye, Singing Legend

“Sue Matsuki is one of my favorite singers because she has a great voice, she’s funny, she chooses great material, she enunciates all her words and she is always focused on giving her audience the very best time. It’s her job and she takes it very seriously!” – Julie Wilson, Grand Dame of Cabaret

“Matsuki is quite definitely a cross-over Cabaret/Jazz performer with an interesting polyglot style and presence all her own. Sue has chops to compare with the “pure jazz” ladies and yet she reaches her audience with her warmth and understanding, both musically and lyrically, of the songs she chooses. If you have not already picked up on this popular singer, watch for news of upcoming gigs. You, too, can become a fan!” – Jan Wallman, Nightlife Exchange


Don’t Tell Mama – 343 West 46th Street (Between 8th & 9th)

Reservations: 212-757-0788 (Call after 4:00 pm) or on line at:

www.DontTellMamanyc.com – (NOTE: Mama’s only takes cash!)

$20.00 Cover Charge ($15.00 MAC/Salon) / 2-drink Minimum


If I were going to ad a bio I would have a brief bio here.

Sue Matsuki

Dream It! Believe It! Do It!