The 29th annual Mabel Mercer Foundation New York Cabaret Convention got underway on October 9, 2018 with, ever glamorous host and Artistic Director, KT Sullivan. The first evening’s theme was “Cabaret Today!” and was punctuated with eclectic performances by some of Cabaret’s most well-known and favorite performers.

Bill Charlap masterfully played variations on S’Wonderful (G. Gershwin)

Sandy Stewart illuminated the evening with moving versions of Remind Me (D. Fields, J. Kern) & After You, Who? (C. Porter)

Anna Bergman and Todd Murray delighted the audience with So In Love (C. Porter)

Gregory Generet cast a spell with Angel Eyes (M. Dennis, E. Brent)

Corinna Sowers Adler wow-ed the crowd with Glitter and Be Gay (L. Bernstein)

Dorian Woodruff sang suave versions of There’s a Small Hotel (R. Rodgers, L. Hart) and Moonglow (W. Hudson, I. Mills, & E. DeLange)

Meg Flather captivated with My Best Girl (J. Herman) and Another Winter in a Summer Town (D. Wright, S. Frankel & M. Korie)

17 yo Joie Bianco beautifully sang beyond her years with a medley of Day in and Day Out, (Bloom/Mercer) and What a Difference a Day Makes (M. Grever)

Gustavo Palma sang a sultry You Don’t Know Me (C. Walker)

Paula Dione Ingram motivated with I Know Where I’ve Been (M. Shaiman, S. Wittman)

Marcus Lovett serenaded with They Couldn’t Compare to You, and One for My Baby (H. Arlen, J. Mercer)

Carole Bufford Thrilled with All By Myself

Dawn Derow touched hearts with The White Cliffs of Dover (W. Kent, N. Burton)

Eric Yves Garcia Sang a Medley in Tribute to Bobby Short

Danny Bacher treated the audience to a rousing, and original lyric version of  Horray For Hollywood (R. Whiting)

Karen Oberlin entranced with a powerful No More (S. Sondheim)

Marissa Mulder inspired with John Lennon’s Love

David Baida charmed with original lyrics to a well-know Cole Porter tune “Stoned” in Love

Nancy Mcgraw delivered beautifully with Until The real Thing Comes Along (S. Cahn, S. Chaplin)

Todd Murray’s voice rang through the theater in Some Enchanted Evening (R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein)

Jaedyn Hanna enthralled with Someone Like You (F. Wildhorn)


And, KT Sullivan closed the show with All The Things You Are, dedicated to Carol Woods, recipients of the 2018 Mabel Mercer Award, who could not be in attendance, due to illness.


The entire evening was programmed and guided by the loving hands of Ms. Sullivan. And, had the feeling of an intimate celebration (albeit in front of two thousand people) among good friends.  The first of four nights, the performance inspired thoughts (an excitement) for what was to follow in the coming evenings.

For more on that see Cab Con Night 2