Cabaret University presents:


11:00 am – 2:00 pm

mid-town location TBA

Sue Matsuki & David Sabella (authors of “So You Want to Sing Cabaret!”) present this Lecture/Demo/Performance class with Steven Ray Watkins at the piano. Strategies offered include:

  • Lyric Connection – The use of sub-text and lyric personalization to authentically connect to the lyric and communicate the song from your unique point of view.
  • The Moment Before – Setting up a song with a one word/sentence psychological prompt to “get you there” instantly.
  • Singing in The Moment – Honoring your feelings “in the moment” in order to give a connected performance.
  • Sing as You Speak – Dissecting the lyric through the understanding of grammar, punctuation, and key word identification, while remaining “organic” to who you are when you sing.
  • Breaking the 4th wall – Music theater without the “theater.”
  • Doing vs. feeling – Walking that fine line between performance and therapy.
  • Lyric memorization tools and study suggestions.

$70.00 participant / $30 Auditor. (CH Members receive a discount). For more information and to register visit

We will work with a maximum of 10 singers so the first 10 people to register get to sing…the rest will be auditors.

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