Gretchen Reinhagen in Take it With Me 

A new monthly residency at Pangea

October 15 @ 7:00 pm and thereafter, every 3rd Tuesday

Gretchen Reinhagen’s new monthly residency at Pangea is underway! Each month a new guest, new stories, and the always brilliant backing of pianist and musical director, Tracy Stark, and bassist, Tom Hubbard , with direction by Barry Kleinbort.

Special Guest: Karen Mack!

Hear what September audience members had to say…
“Great vocals and hilarious comedy riffs!” – Peter Napolitano
“Brava! I’ll be back again!” – Robin Westle
“You are a musical and comedy deity!” – One of my drunk friends
“Can I have some money for a cab?” – My wife
“I’m acting!!! She’s paying me in booze…” – Mardie Millit
“You got so many lyrics right!” – Tracy Stark
“Always a gas to play with you.” – Tom Hubbard
“I have gas.” – My wife
“I have to run home to floss.” – Laurie Krauz
::eye roll:: – Bob Diamond
“Try not to lock yourself in the dressing room again.” – the club

Pangea Restaurant and Bar
178 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-0900
Tickets: $20 online; $25 at the door
$20 Menu Minimum. House opens at 6pm.
For Tickets: