This Fall, Gretchen Reinhagen in Take it With Me 

opens a new monthly residency at Pangea on September 17th @ 7:00 pm and thereafter, every 3rd Tuesday.

Special Guests are:

September 17th: C. Kelly Wright joins me to reprise our CRITICALLY acclaimed performance from the new musical of the Century, THAT WAY by Peter Napolitano and Barry Levitt.

October 15th: Aaron Morishita joins me to perform an encore of our LEGENDARY, Tour-de-force, Madame Ritzel excerpt from CARNIVAL. 

November 19th: Karen Mack joins me to do something legendary. Before we eat delicious turkey.

December 17th: Papi Andrew David Sotomayor joins me to do something.

So DON’T MISS OUT! Come EVERY month! Cuz it’s always a little different! Like me!

Directed by the incomparable Barry Kleinbort, with Music Director and Pianist, Tracy Stark, and the Bassist of all bassists, Tom Hubbard.

Pangea NYC

178 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

(212) 995-0900