Bruno Giraldi: #getmeouttahere
Singer / Host

Featuring: Adela Bolet, Krystal Pou, Estelle Banjou and Jacob Luchheim
Alan Mendez at the piano

At the G-20 Summit, our favorite charlatan, ‘individual one’ as he’s come to be known, said, “getmeouttahere”, as do the feelings of an Argentinean ‘artista’ who recently moved where opportunities for artists abound, only to encounter the cruelest of cities. These feelings will reveal themselves through tango, musical theater, boleros, pop and milongas. ¡Watch out, que venimos!

$12.00 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum per person

Bar Menu Available:


Seating from 1:30pm

Approximate running time: 65 minutes


Show Dates & Times 02-17-2019 2:00pm
02-24-2019 2:00 pm
Show Ends (approximate) 02-17-2019 3:30pm
02-24-2019 3:30 pm
Cover Charge: 12.00
Location: Don’t Tell Mama NYC (View Map)
Bruno Giraldi