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Dear Subscribers, Readers, Artists, and Friends:

Big changes are coming to the Cabaret Hotspot Universe! We are working to make the site more of a service oriented experience to help artists to promote their shows. Currently, we are in the process of fundraising and redesigning the website for this purpose. STAY TUNED for future announcements!

In the meantime, new reviews and upcoming show notices can be found on our social pages on Facebook and Instagram. You can also access legacy reviews on Cabaret Hotspot using the button below.

If you are a subscriber to the site, we appreciate your continue subscription, which helps us fund ongoing efforts to reformat. However, you may cancel your subscription at any time and resubscribe when the site relaunches.

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to our ongoing efforts to reformat Cabaret Hotspot as a service and booking website, please contact David Sabella at david@cabarethotspot.com


David Sabella, Editor-in-Chief

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